Ors Voluntari, Buleavardul Pipera Nr. 40B, Jud. Ilfov
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Well, I hope as many other food businesses to grow it to a level where I can make a difference, to have my name recognized as a renowned chef and to be a house hold name in Romania, I want to introduce and to be the face of Indian/Pakistani food in Romania (especially I want to break the myth that this type of food is always too spicy for Europeans). I want to be at a position where I can influence other women like me who are still thinking at the border line of job and business to cross and take a calculated risk at the business domain. I haven’t think of that long but I believe in smaller milestones, in order to keep me motivated along the way for e.g. if you would make a bigger target to reach the top of mount Everest then you may be demotivated during the way with difficulties, but if you will make shorter goals like climbing a few hundred feet everyday then you will keep motivated with achieving your target every day and eventually achieve a greater goal.


my story

My name is Sana and I am born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan. Currently living in Bucharest, Romania with my Family.I am a pharmacist by profession and have been associated with hospital pharmacy for few years but also had many years associated to different schools in Bucharest for teaching science and other subjects. Although I enjoyed most of my professional life and have blessed with a lot of friends during these years, but during all these real satisfaction was felt when I was in kitchen working on something new or improving a recipe. The sense of achievement and happiness I felt after I complete a tasty recipe with my own blend is unimaginable. Ever since I was a little kid I have had this immense passion for cooking (and eating) and as you would have imagined I was a chubby kid and was attracting a lot of comments about my weight. Well no comment could change my habits but eventually what I managed to developed within myself was a habit of searching and exploring for delicious but healthy food options with which I can maintain my health while keeping my eating habits.



my city

I have been in Romania for 8 years now and all this time I stayed in Bucharest and from few years in Pipera Ilfov, I travelled to many cities in Romania, being a capital and metropolitan city I would say Bucharest is a lively and happening city with a lot of activities to do for every interest, I love the parks in Bucharest, there are also quite a lot of museums and big malls (as I love shopping).For Lows, I could mention the traffic during busy hours, and the way taxi drivers drive.

My business is about cooking with passion, its about experiment and breaking the norm of following a recipe.

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