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The Ultimate Breakfast Experience: Top Best 10 Breakfast Restaurants in Romania

Best Breakfast Restaurants in Romania

In the heart of Eastern Europe, Romania’s culinary scene is nothing short of enchanting. Known for its rich history, breathtaking landscapes, and traditional delights, its breakfast restaurants are gems waiting to be discovered. Dive into a world of mouthwatering dishes, cozy ambiances, and impeccable service as we tour the top 10 breakfast spots that the country has to offer. Let’s embark on this gastronomic journey together.

Top 10 Breakfast Restaurants in Romania

Presenting top 10 best breakfast restaurants in Romania.

  • Grand Café Van Gogh
  • Boutique du Pain Restaurant
  • Bread and Butter
  • Crocant
  • Simbio
  • SARAH Restaurant
  • Bazaar
  • Rio Juice
  • NOR – Sky Casual Restaurant


Address: Introducing Blvd, Bucharest
Timing: 8am – 6pm
Must Try: Nordic Breakfast Platter

Nestled in a serene corner of Bucharest, FRUDISIAC is a blend of Scandinavian aesthetics and Romanian tastes. Its minimalist interiors, dominated by wooden textures, evoke calm mornings by the fjords. Service here is as crisp as their signature croissants. Prices are reasonable, ensuring that your wallet feels as content as your stomach. The menu’s star, the Nordic Breakfast Platter, is a festival of flavors with smoked salmon, rye bread, and fresh berries.

2. Grand Café Van Gogh

Address: Strada Smârdan, Bucharest
Timing: 9am – 10pm
Must Try: Almond Croissant and Espresso

Stepping into Grand Café Van Gogh feels like being teleported into a post-impressionist painting. With sunflowers hanging from the ceiling and colorful furniture, this café is a tribute to Van Gogh’s genius. Serving delectable pastries with perfectly brewed coffee, the pricing reflects the premium experience without being exorbitant. Their almond croissant, paired with an espresso, tastes like a dream painted on a canvas.

3. Boutique du Pain Restaurant

Address: Strada Episcopul Radu, Bucharest
Timing: 7:30am – 8pm
Must Try: Artisan Bread and Egg Benedict

Boutique du Pain captures the essence of a Parisian bistro in the heart of Romania. With its intricate chandeliers and rustic feel, you’re transported to a cozy café along the Seine. Service is warm and inviting. Given the name, expect nothing but perfection from their range of bread. The Egg Benedict, served on their artisan bread, is sheer poetry for the palate.

4. Bread and Butter

Address: Strada Puțul lui Zamfir, Bucharest
Timing: 7:30am – 10pm
Must Try: Pancakes with Maple Syrup

As straightforward as its name, Bread and Butter delivers comfort on a plate. The interiors are an ode to contemporary design with ample natural light. The service is speedy, and prices offer value for money. The fluffiness of their pancakes, drizzled with the finest maple syrup, defines breakfast luxury.

5. Crocant

Address: Dimitrie Pompeiu Boulevard, Bucharest
Timing: 8am – 8pm
Must Try: Chocolate-filled Croissant

Walking into Crocant feels like a warm hug from an old friend. The interiors are homely, and the aroma of freshly baked goods fills the air. Their offerings are reasonably priced, considering the artisanal quality. Their chocolate-filled croissant? It melts in the mouth, leaving behind a taste of pure ecstasy.

6. Simbio

Address: Strada Negustori, Bucharest
Timing: 9am – 11pm
Must Try: Avocado Toast with Poached Eggs

Simbio is the personification of urban chic. With brick walls and eclectic furniture, it resonates with the city’s modern pulse. Service is top-notch, making every guest feel special. Their menu is a balanced fusion of health and taste. The avocado toast, crowned with perfectly poached eggs, is a breakfast fit for royalty.

7. SARAH Restaurant

Address: Bulevardul Primăverii, Bucharest
Timing: 9am – 11:30pm
Must Try: Traditional Romanian Omelette

Paying homage to Romania’s culinary heritage, SARAH Restaurant is an elegant blend of tradition and innovation. The interiors showcase Romanian artistry with a modern twist. Service is impeccable, reflecting the establishment’s premium nature. Their traditional Romanian omelette is a nostalgic journey through the country’s rich flavors.

8. Bazaar

Address: Calea Floreasca, Bucharest
Timing: 8am – 10pm
Must Try: Bazaar Breakfast Spread

Bazaar is where modern aesthetics meet gastronomic wonders. Its vibrant interiors, adorned with curated art pieces, inspire creativity. The menu is diverse, the prices fair, and the service, exceptional. The Bazaar Breakfast Spread, a medley of continental and local dishes, ensures a delightful start to the day.

9. Rio Juice

Address: Strada Actor Ion Brezoianu, Bucharest
Timing: 8:30am – 7pm
Must Try: Acai Bowl and Freshly Pressed Juices

A haven for health enthusiasts, Rio Juice boasts a menu brimming with nature’s best. The ambience is fresh and lively, reflecting the vitality of its offerings. Prices are competitive, and the service is smooth. Dive into their Acai Bowl for a refreshing morning boost, paired with any of their freshly pressed juices.

10. NOR – Sky Casual Restaurant

Address: Calea Dorobanților, Bucharest
Timing: 7am – 11pm
Must Try: Skyline Breakfast Platter

Elevate your breakfast experience, literally, at NOR – Sky Casual Restaurant. Situated at a vantage point, it offers mesmerizing views of Bucharest’s skyline. The interiors are sophisticated, the service unparalleled, and the prices befitting the premium experience. The Skyline Breakfast Platter, with its assortment of gourmet delights, complements the breathtaking view.


Romania’s breakfast scene is a symphony of flavors, experiences, and emotions. Each restaurant offers a unique take on the most important meal of the day, ensuring every morning is a celebration. So, why wait? Embark on this culinary journey and let your taste buds dance to Romania’s gastronomic melody.


Q1. What types of cuisines can I expect at Romanian breakfast restaurants?
A1. Romanian breakfast restaurants offer a blend of traditional local dishes and international cuisines. From classic Romanian omelettes to avocado toasts and acai bowls, there’s a diverse palette to cater to all tastes.

Q2. Are vegetarian or vegan options available?
A2. Absolutely! Many of the mentioned restaurants, such as Simbio and Rio Juice, provide vegetarian and even vegan options on their menu. Always check the menu in advance or inquire directly to ensure your dietary needs are met.

Q3. Is it necessary to make a reservation for breakfast?
A3. While walk-ins are welcomed at most places, making a reservation, especially for popular spots like NOR – Sky Casual Restaurant or Grand Café Van Gogh, can help avoid wait times during peak hours.

Q4. Are these restaurants kid-friendly?
A4. Most of the listed restaurants are kid-friendly, offering both comfortable seating and child-friendly menu options. It’s always a good idea to check in advance if you’re planning a family breakfast outing.

Q5. What is the average cost for a breakfast meal at these restaurants?
A5. Prices vary based on the restaurant and menu choice. Generally, you can expect to pay anywhere from a modest amount for a simple dish at Bread and Butter to a premium price for a gourmet experience at SARAH Restaurant.

Q6. Do these restaurants only serve breakfast?
A6. No, many of these establishments, like Simbio and Grand Café Van Gogh, serve meals throughout the day, transitioning from breakfast menus to lunch and dinner offerings.

Q7. Can I find gluten-free or organic options?
A7. Yes, many modern Romanian restaurants value health and dietary preferences. Places like Rio Juice emphasize organic ingredients, while others may offer gluten-free alternatives. Always check the menu or consult with the restaurant staff.

Q8. Is there parking available at these restaurants?
A8. Most of the central locations in Bucharest have limited street parking, but some restaurants might offer private parking or be located near public parking areas. It’s advisable to check with the individual restaurant or use public transport.

Q9. Are these restaurants suitable for business breakfast meetings?
A9. Certainly! Restaurants like NOR – Sky Casual Restaurant with its mesmerizing views or Boutique du Pain Restaurant with its Parisian ambiance provide the perfect setting for business breakfasts.

Q10. Can I expect English-speaking staff at these restaurants?
A10. Yes, in most of the top breakfast restaurants in Bucharest, the staff is multilingual and can communicate in English, ensuring a smooth dining experience for international visitors.

Q11. Are there any unique Romanian breakfast dishes I should try?
A11. Definitely! When in Romania, don’t miss out on trying traditional dishes like “mămăligă” (cornmeal porridge) or “zacusca” (vegetable spread). SARAH Restaurant’s traditional Romanian omelette is also a must-try.

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