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Savory Journeys: 10 Best Mediterranean Restaurants in Bucharest

Best Mediterranean Restaurants in Bucharest

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Discover the most exquisite Mediterranean cuisine right in the heart of Romania. Our journey takes us through the vibrant streets of Bucharest, uncovering hidden gems and popular hotspots alike. Prepare to indulge in a rich tapestry of flavors, where each restaurant not only serves up delectable dishes but also offers a unique ambiance and impeccable service. This is your ultimate guide to the best Mediterranean dining experiences in Bucharest.

As a fervent food lover and an avid explorer of culinary landscapes, I’ve found my taste buds tantalized by the rich and diverse offerings of Bucharest’s Mediterranean eateries. From cozy, family-run bistros to elegant, upscale establishments, the city is a treasure trove of gastronomic delights. Let me take you on a flavorful journey through my top 10 picks, where the fusion of traditional spices and modern culinary art comes to life.

1. Olive Garden – A Taste of Authenticity

Ambiance and Service: Nestled in a charming corner of Bucharest, Olive Garden greets you with a warm, rustic decor that echoes the tranquility of the Mediterranean coast. The service is attentive and personal, making you feel like part of the family.

Cuisine and Must-Try: Their traditional Greek Moussaka is a revelation, with layers of perfectly cooked eggplant, a rich tomato sauce, and creamy béchamel.

Location and Timing: Str. Primaverii 34, open daily from 12 PM to 11 PM.

2. La Dolce Vita – Elegance Redefined

Ambiance and Service: La Dolce Vita offers a luxurious dining experience, combining classic elegance with modern flair. The staff are knowledgeable, recommending the perfect wine pairings for your meal.

Cuisine and Must-Try: Their seafood risotto is a must-try, boasting fresh, succulent prawns and a rich, aromatic saffron broth.

Location and Timing: Calea Victoriei 155, open Monday to Saturday from 1 PM to 10 PM.

3. Aegean Breeze – A Culinary Voyage

Ambiance and Service: A contemporary space with a relaxed vibe, Aegean Breeze is perfect for casual dining. The staff are friendly and efficient, enhancing the overall experience.

Cuisine and Must-Try: The grilled octopus, tender and flavorful, served with a side of zesty lemon potatoes, is a standout dish.

Location and Timing: Bd. Regina Elisabeta 30, open daily from 11 AM to 12 AM.

4. Mediterraneo – Fusion Flavors

Ambiance and Service: Mediterraneo blends modern design with a cozy atmosphere. The service is impeccable, striking the right balance between professional and personable.

Cuisine and Must-Try: Their lamb kofta, spiced to perfection and grilled to tender succulence, is an unmissable treat.

Location and Timing: Str. Franceza 52, open daily from 12 PM to 11 PM.

5. Santorini – Greek Delights in Bucharest

Ambiance and Service: Santorini captures the essence of Greek island life, with blue and white decor and a welcoming vibe. The service is quick and friendly.

Cuisine and Must-Try: Don’t miss their classic Greek salad, bursting with fresh, vibrant flavors, and the finest feta cheese.

Location and Timing: Str. Episcopiei 6, open daily from 12 PM to 10 PM.

6. Napoli Centrale – Italian Charm

Ambiance and Service: With its lively atmosphere and warm, inviting staff, Napoli Centrale feels like a little slice of Italy.

Cuisine and Must-Try: Their wood-fired pizzas are a highlight, especially the Margherita with its perfect balance of tomato, mozzarella, and basil.

Location and Timing: Piata Romana 5, open daily from 11 AM to 11 PM.

7. Casa Delfino – A Spanish Fiesta

Ambiance and Service: Casa Delfino offers a vibrant, colorful setting with a festive atmosphere. The staff are enthusiastic and always ready to recommend their favorites.

Cuisine and Must-Try: The paella valenciana, rich in flavors and generously portioned, is a dish you’ll long remember.

Location and Timing: Calea Dorobantilor 18, open daily from 1 PM to 12 AM.

8. Zorba’s Tavern – Authentic Greek Experience

Ambiance and Service: Zorba’s offers an authentically Greek, laid-back atmosphere. The staff treat you like family, adding to the authenticity of the experience.

Cuisine and Must-Try: Their souvlaki platter, with its marinated meats and delicious tzatziki, is a true taste of Greece.

Location and Timing: Str. Traian 194, open daily from 12 PM to 11 PM.

9. Bella Napoli – Coastal Italian Vibes

Ambiance and Service: Bella Napoli brings the Italian coast to Bucharest with its breezy decor and amiable staff.

Cuisine and Must-Try: The frutti di mare pasta, with its fresh seafood and rich tomato sauce, is simply divine.

Location and Timing: Str. Tunari 27, open Monday to Saturday from 12 PM to 10 PM.

10. El Torito – Mediterranean with a Twist

Ambiance and Service: El Torito combines a lively ambiance with warm, attentive service, offering a unique Mediterranean experience with a Latin twist.

Cuisine and Must-Try: The fusion paella, blending traditional Mediterranean ingredients with Latin spices, is an innovative and delicious choice.

Location and Timing: Str. Putul lui Zamfir 36, open daily from 1 PM to 11 PM.


Bucharest’s Mediterranean restaurant scene is as diverse as it is delightful. Each of these establishments offers not just a meal, but a journey through the rich culinary landscapes of the Mediterranean. Whether you’re craving the hearty flavors of Italy, the zesty zest of Greece, or the aromatic spices of Spain, these top 10 picks are sure to satisfy your cravings and leave you with unforgettable dining experiences. Bon appétit!

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