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Savoring Bucharest: 10 Best sushi places in bucharest 2024

Best Sushi places in Bucharest

Bottom Line:

Bucharest, a city known for its vibrant culinary scene, doesn’t fall short when it comes to offering some of the finest sushi experiences. As a self-proclaimed sushi aficionado, I’ve had the pleasure of exploring a multitude of sushi spots across the city, each with its own unique charm. From the upscale settings to more casual dine-ins, here’s a curated list of the top 10 sushi restaurants in Bucharest that have captivated my palate and are sure to delight yours.

Embarking on a sushi journey in Bucharest reveals a fascinating blend of traditional Japanese culinary techniques with a modern twist. The city’s sushi scene is diverse, offering everything from luxurious dining experiences to quick and casual eats. My quest for the best sushi in Bucharest has led me to places that not only serve exquisite sushi but also immerse diners in an atmosphere that complements the overall experience.

1. Ginger Sushi Bar & Lounge

  • Location: Inside the Radisson Blu Hotel, Calea Victoriei 63-81
  • Ambiance: Luxurious and spacious, with modern design and friendly staff.
  • Price: Mid-range to high, offering value for an exceptional dining experience.
  • Taste: Promises and delivers some of the best sushi in Bucharest, with a wide variety of fresh options.
  • Service: Quick, professional, and attentive, making it a memorable dining experience.
  • Must-Try: Dynamite sushi and the ruby chocolate dessert.

2. Wasabi Running Sushi

  • Location: Central Bucharest
  • Ambiance: Contemporary with a diverse menu that keeps you coming back for more.
  • Price: Affordable, considering the quality and variety of sushi offered.
  • Taste: Fresh sushi with a wide range of flavors and options.
  • Service: Friendly, though experiences may vary depending on the day and staff.
  • Must-Try: Explore their diverse menu for a comprehensive sushi experience.

3. Edo Sushi

  • Location: A cozy establishment known for its sophisticated offerings.
  • Ambiance: Intimate with a focus on delivering a genuine Japanese dining experience.
  • Price: Reasonable prices for generous portions and high-quality sushi.
  • Taste: Fresh, varied sushi options along with the best ramen many have ever had.
  • Service: Friendly staff and great service, although it’s recommended to reserve around 18:00 as it gets crowded.
  • Must-Try: Their exceptional ramen and fresh sushi selections.

4. ZenSushi Dorobanti

  • Location: A key player in Bucharest’s sushi scene with several locations.
  • Ambiance: Excellent ambiance with available parking; a place where quality meets elegance.
  • Price: Mid-range, justifying the quality and experience.
  • Taste: Renowned for having some of the best sushi in Bucharest.
  • Service: Impressive service, ensuring a delightful dining experience.
  • Must-Try: Explore their extensive menu for both traditional and innovative sushi dishes.

5. Argentine Steak & Sushi Herastrau

  • Location: Overlooking Herastrau Lake, offering a unique dining setting.
  • Ambiance: Upscale, combining the best of Japanese and Argentine cuisines.
  • Price: Higher price point, reflecting its premium offerings and location.
  • Taste: Sushi that creatively incorporates Wagyu, offering a novel taste experience.
  • Service: Exceptional service that complements the dining experience.
  • Must-Try: Sushi with Wagyu seaweed sheets replacement.

6. ZenSushi Victoriei

  • Location: Central Bucharest, easily accessible and perfect for a sophisticated dining experience.
  • Ambiance: Modern and inviting, with a focus on creating a relaxing dining atmosphere.
  • Price: Provides good value for the quality of sushi and service offered.
  • Taste: Known for its quality sushi and innovative dishes that cater to all palates.
  • Service: Warm and welcoming staff that enhance the dining experience.
  • Must-Try: Their specialty sushi rolls and soups are a must for any visitor.

7. Benihana Restaurant

  • Location: Offers a unique blend of entertainment and dining, located in a central area.
  • Ambiance: Engaging and fun, with chefs preparing meals right in front of you.
  • Price: A bit on the higher side, but worth it for the live cooking experience.
  • Taste: Delicious sushi and Japanese dishes with a performance to match.
  • Service: Interactive and entertaining, providing a memorable experience for diners.
  • Must-Try: The chef’s special rolls and teppanyaki dishes.

8. Kanpai

  • Location: A trendy spot in Bucharest known for its lively atmosphere.
  • Ambiance: Chic and contemporary, perfect for dining out with friends or a special someone.
  • Price: Mid-range, offering great value for the innovative menu and ambiance.
  • Taste: Fresh sushi with a twist, incorporating unique ingredients and flavors.
  • Service: Attentive and friendly, ensuring a pleasant dining experience.
  • Must-Try: The seafood tempura and their signature sushi rolls.

9. ZenSushi Nordului

  • Location: Situated in a prime location, known for its tranquil setting.
  • Ambiance: Elegant and serene, ideal for a more intimate dining experience.
  • Price: Reflects the quality of ingredients and the dining experience.
  • Taste: Offers a wide selection of sushi that boasts freshness and creativity.
  • Service: Exceptional, with staff going above and beyond to accommodate guests.
  • Must-Try: Their expansive sushi selection and fresh seafood dishes.

10. Eat Me Sushi

  • Location: A newer addition to Bucharest’s sushi scene, quickly gaining popularity.
  • Ambiance: Modern and cozy, with a focus on creating a welcoming environment.
  • Price: Affordable, making it a great option for quality sushi on a budget.
  • Taste: Delicious and inventive sushi options that cater to a variety of tastes.
  • Service: Friendly and efficient, making for a smooth dining experience.
  • Must-Try: Their creative sushi rolls and sashimi platters.

Bucharest’s sushi offerings are as diverse as they are delicious, each restaurant bringing its own unique flair to the table. From the theatrical performances at Benihana Restaurant to the serene elegance of ZenSushi Nordului, there’s a sushi spot in Bucharest to match every mood and occasion. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, these top sushi restaurants are sure to provide an unforgettable culinary journey through the heart of Romania’s capital.

As you venture into these establishments, remember that each bite not only offers a taste of Japan but also a glimpse into the culinary expertise and creativity Bucharest has to offer. Enjoy your sushi adventure in Bucharest!

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