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BBQ Flavours that made way to Romania from Pakistan and India


Let’s talk about the char grilled flavours of South Asian cuisines, yes we are talking about BBQ. Let’s take a trip down to the countries, Pakistan and India, where the art of BBQ is very much alive among the residents. We had fun learning about the char grilling customs of our friends last month, and this week, we take a trip across the world to the former sub-continent.

Ever wondered what is the difference between the two country’s BBQ? Let us tell you!

Due to the prevalence of vegetarianism in India, people there may even prefer grilling veggies and paneer (unaged curd cheese) to meat, so you will mostly find only chicken and seafood or sometimes mutton and pork in Indian BBQ restaurants. You will not find beef though, since cows are revered in the Hindhu religion, many people avoid eating it.

When talking about Pakistan you will find an extensive variety of beef including chapli kababs, behari boti and a lot more, however you will never find pork dishes in a Pakistani BBQ restaurants as it is considered as a haram meat in Muslim religion, so every food that is considered halal can go into Pakistani side of things.

However the flavoring and method of BBQ stays very similar; using charcoal for the delicious taste and aroma. Pakistani food is a bit more on the spicier side of things then Indian food.

The tandoor, a clay oven that cooks and bakes using charcoal, is probably the best example of Indian or Pakistani barbecue. Today, you can get Tandoori Chicken, a dish of North Indian origins, in most Indian or Pakistani restaurants all over the world. Contrary to popular opinion, communal tandoors are extremely widespread in rural areas and not every Indian family possesses a tandoor.

Another method of using charcoal to grill is called sigri, which is essentially a tiny charcoal barbecue that occasionally serves as a warmth during the chilly winters. Typically, coal, wood, or dried cow dung are used as fuel. Smaller foods like kebabs, veggies, and botis are typically grilled on it.

Let’s look at the best BBQ dishes from both Pakistani and Indian restaurant in Romania!

Chicken Tikka Masala

On the grill, the traditional British curry meal is given new life. Chicken chunks marinated in yoghurt and spices, cooked on the grill or in a griddle pan, and then served with a rich tomato sauce is the perfect comfort food for many Indian cuisine lovers around the world. This dish pairs perfectly with a warm pita or boiled basmati rice.

Butter Chicken in Indian or Makhni Handi in Pakistani restaurants

Butter chicken, one of the most well-known Punjabi meals, deserves a mention in this list. It is a dish that is adored by people all over the globe. This meal is usually made with chicken that has been marinated overnight and a mixture of several spices, which gives it a scrumptious and powerful flavour. You can also find this dish in a beef version in many Pakistani restaurants in Romania.

Different Kababs

When it comes to meat, the Mughals had perfected the technique of cooking it over charcoal. They brought the craft of creating kebabs to India, and since then, it has spread throughout the world. Kebabs in particular, a popular dish in Romania, are adored by people everywhere. Minced meat is mixed with a variety of spices before being cooked on skewers over a charcoal fire.

Veg kebabs

Vegetarian kebabs are a relatively simple Indian dish prepared on the grill because there are so many possibilities for them. Select your preferred vegetables, or include tofu and paneer. To give the ingredients more zing, they are marinated in plain yoghurt with cayenne, cumin, coriander, and turmeric. You might not find them in Pakistani restaurants.

Grilled Fish Masala

Grilled fish tastes wonderful. Wrapped delicately, flaky fish in foil seasoned liberally with herbs, spices, and lemon before grilling whole fish or in kebabs form could make any seafood lover bite their tongue. Especially when served with plenty of onions and peppers as a side to it.

Tandoori Chicken

Another delectable chicken meal that makes you want to drool is THE tandoori chicken. In this recipe, the chicken is marinated for a few hours in a mixture of spices and yoghurt before being grilled. Every Indian or Pakistani restaurant around the globe offers this dish on its menu. Paired with mint raita and naan bread it is the perfect meal to make your heart dance. This comes under the more spicy BBQ items in the world.

Chapli Kabab

A dish of ground meat patties with a little fat added in it is called a chapli kabab. It is created using ground beef and mutton that has been marinated in different spices. These kababs are grilled over a grilling pan with usually a tomato on top to save it’s juices from drying up. This dish is known as Peshawari kebab since it comes from Peshawar, Pakistan.

In addition to being served in all leading eateries and food markets of Pakistan, the Chapli kebab recipe is also popular throughout the world. You can have chapli kebab with pulao, Afghani naan, rice, or green chilli chutney. You can also have chapli bun kebab as a snack or a full dinner. It is suitable for kids and has a high nutritional value.

Rounding up!

This delectable cuisine has made it’s way to the hearts of millions of people around the world. The list of dishes is just the beginning; Indian and Pakistani cuisine has spread abroad and will continue to do so for some time. You can order online or visit any Indian or Pakistani restaurant and get the taste that you crave!

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