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Do you Know the Secret Tricks to cook the Best Indian Food?

Do you Know the Secret Tricks to cook the Best Indian Food

Do you want to know the most effective cooking techniques? Do you want to add more to your food by discovering secrets about ingredients and spicing?

If yes, you need to benefit from the best Indian cooking guide. This will help you prepare Indian homemade dishes that are not only flavorful but highly presentable and healthy too. So, if you want to cook your favorite Indian food at home, you can take help from the best Indian cooking guide.

This will not only help you take your food to the next level, but you can also know the tips and secrets shared by cooking experts. So, if you want to make hard-to-cook Indian dishes easy and less complicated, the best authentic Indian cooking guides can help you in the best way.

Tips to Cook the Best Indian Food:

If you want to sharpen and broaden your cooking skills, you need to try these tips. These tips will help you cook mouthwatering Indian dishes, and thus you can easily earn appreciation and admiration from your loved ones.

Here are the tips that can help you benefit from the cooking experts:

1.     Treat your Onions Rightly:

When we talk about Indian food, all you need is to treat your onion rightly. This is especially important when you are cooking curries or gravies. So, according to experts, it is important to fry onions for the right length of time.

For instance, if you are cooking meat, you need to cook your onions on low flame for thirty to forty minutes. Similarly, while cooking veggies, you can fry your onions for about fifteen to twenty minutes until they turn golden brown.

However, if you are cooking lighter curries, you need to make your onions appear translucent. It is also important to add water as and when needed to avoid making onions hard or extra soft.

Similarly, you also need to decide the right quantity of oil for frying onions. So, following these tips from the best Indian cooking guides to cook onions will help you cook the best curry and enjoy the best taste.

2.     Gather all the Right Spices at your Kitchen’s Countertop:

This is another significantly important tip shared by famous Indian cooking guides. It would be best if you had all the spices right before you to not miss anything. As spices play an important role in making or breaking your recipe, you need to be extra careful while adding them.

According to the best Indian cooking guide, you can write up all your required spices on paper. In this way, you will not forget any of the spices, thus helping you attain the perfect texture, aroma, and taste.

It is also important to use fresh spices; otherwise, you may lose the taste of your dish. So, you need to avoid dusty and dried spices as this will not help you enjoy the right aroma. You can prepare your spices and can keep them in air-tight jars to keep them fresh for a long time.

3.     Cook Whole Spices in the Beginning:

As Indian food is known for its wonderful and everlasting aroma, you need to cook your whole spices in the beginning. This will help you get the best aroma, and this aroma will last for a long time.

According to Indian cooking experts, you need to add whole spices into the cold oil. After adding whole spices, you can cook them on high flame. This will help you get the taste of these spices in every bite.

This will also help you taste all the natural oils present in your spices. This plays an important role in having Indian food with perfect aromas. So, if you want your spices to be mixed evenly and thoroughly, you need to cook your spices by following this way.

4.     Add Powdered Spices in the Middle of the Cooking Process:

According to Indian cooking experts, you need to cook whole spices initially but add powdered spices in the middle. Powdered spices include turmeric, cumin powder, chili powder, and coriander powder.

You first need to add yogurt, tomatoes, and coconut cream. This will also help the chilies to release their aromatics quickly.

5.     Do Not Add Too Much Water:

It is important to add water according to the gravy. Adding too much water will dilute the curry, and you will not get the desired taste. Adding little water compared to what is required will give you a sharp taste and aroma of spices.

So, if you don’t want to ruin your food, you need to add water in the right quantity. After cooking the meat and vegetables, you need to add water to get the required consistency.


Following the guidelines and tips of the best Indian cooking guide will help you get the best Indian dishes. So, it would be best if you benefited from these tips to have mouthwatering and delicious Indian cuisine.

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