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Do You Know About the 6 Most Tempting Pakistani Dishes?

Do You Know About the 6 Most Tempting Pakistani Dishes

Are you a foodie? Do you want to satisfy your cravings by opting for the best Pakistani dishes?

Have you heard about the spice & taste of Pakistani food and want to try it? Do you have a special love for Pakistani food?

If so, we are here to help you in the best way. We have gathered the best and top Pakistani dishes for you. This blog will help you satisfy your food cravings. Moreover, this will also help you know about immensely delicious and healthiest Pakistani dishes.

Are you bored of cooking and eating the same dishes every day? We have prepared a list of Pakistani dishes that will help you avoid cooking and eating on the same pattern. These dishes will help you bring a change in your routine life, and thus you can have joy and positivity too.

 This will also help you experience a change in cuisines, dishes, and tastes.

6 Top Listed Pakistani Foods:

If you want to have inspiration on what to eat tomorrow, we are here with some healthy Pakistani dishes:

1.    Karahi:

All of us are aware of the importance of karahi in the life of a Pakistani foodie. So, we can say that all Pakistanis love to eat karahi on and off in their regular life. Karahi is the most commonly demanded dish in restaurants because of its unique aroma.

You can also find people having karahi in their homes for special events like Eid and family gatherings. This is the taste of karahi that persuades and compels people to eat karahi repeatedly.

You can find karahi in a huge variety of tastes and ingredients; however, the most common types of karahi in Pakistani include chicken and mutton karahi.

2.    Korma:

Pakistanis equally love karahi and korma. Korma is not only found in Pakistani restaurants, but you can also find korma to be an essential part of the menu in different restaurants serving different types of food.

Like karahi, another dish, “korma,” is also an important part of family dinners in most Pakistani families. Korma is quite fascinating because of its taste, flavor, and texture. You can easily add more value to your feast menu by adding korma.

Korma will surely help you satisfy your guests because of its authentic taste and presentation. Korma is one of the signature recipes of Pakistani dishes because it is different from other gravy and curry Pakistani dishes.

You can have meat, chicken, and mutton korma to add more variety to your food.

3.    Chicken Tikka:

Here is another tempting Pakistani dish for you. Yes, if you don’t want to eat mutton or beef, opting for chicken tikka can help you in the best way. Chicken tikka is not only liked by Pakistanis, but it attracts foreigners too because of its delicious taste and tempting aroma.

You can have different sauces and different types of bread to try with Chicken tikka. The most common and perfect chicken tikka taste goes with naan. Moreover, you can also opt for different flavors of chicken tikka to meet your specific desires for taste.

For instance, you can have chicken malai tikka, chicken green tikka, chicken masala tikka, chicken kali mirch tikka, and many more.

4.    Briyani:

Briyani is another common and tempting Pakistani food. If you are not mood to eat gravy dishes like korma or karahi, you can opt for Briyani. Unlike korma and karahi, Briyani is not a curry but a dish having rice.

Briyani is different from other rice dishes because of its unique cooking style, ingredients, and recipe. So, its uniqueness makes it the most loved Pakistani dish by people from all over the world.

You can add mutton, beef, or chicken to your Briyani to have a dish that helps you satisfy your cravings.

5.    Seekh Kabab:

You can find a huge variety of kababs for Pakistani dishes. Among the different recipes of kababs, seekh kababs are the most famous. So, if you want to have something light, delicious, creamy, and spicy for your dinner, you can give Seekh kababs a try.

You can eat Seekh kababs with different variations. For instance, you can have Seekh Kabab with bread, rice, or any sauce you desire.

6.    Gulab Jaman:

If you have a sweet tooth, you need to give Pakistani Gulab Jaman a try. You can never find any other sweet dish as delicious as Gulab Jaman. Gulab Jaman is a perfect sweet dish for any event, and you can also distribute them to your loved ones on different occasions.

People love eating Gulab Jamans because of their heavenly taste and immense sweetness.

You can also eat Gulab Jamans as snacks with your afternoon tea. You can also add more to your dinner by having Gulab Jamans as a sweet dish.


This list of famous Pakistani dishes can help you find out the best dishes to try whenever you want to try the best Pakistani dishes. So, if Pakistani food holds a special place in your heart, you should try eating Pakistani dishes quite often.

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