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Do You Know About Best Indian Irresistible Dishes?

Famous indian Dishes

Are you looking for mouth-watering desserts, curries, and appetizers? Do you want to try some lip-smacking dishes?

Don’t you want to take some rest from your prolonged kitchen life? If so, we are here to help you by offering quick, easy, and simple Indian dishes.

If you want to cook the best Indian food, you can take help from the top-selling Indian authors and cookbooks. So, if you are confused as you want to eat healthily but cannot tolerate tasteless food, we will provide you with some healthy Indian dishes.

Top 6 Indian Food:

We are here to help you with a menu that helps you get the perfect Indian dishes. So, here is a list of Indian dishes that will not only help you eat tempting food but healthy food too:

1.     Dosa:

Dosa is a famous south Indian dish known for its mouth-watering taste. It is a crispy pancake that appears to be like chapatti. You can eat Dosa with lentils and vegetables, and this will help you add more taste and flavor to simple dishes.

You can also serve Dosa with different sauces and chutneys. Dosa is of different types, and this helps one enjoy numerous tastes of the same dish. So, if you are looking for a dish that helps you meet the unique sweet and savory taste at the same time, you can opt for Dosa.

You can also eat Dosa with mashed potatoes and other veggies.

2.     Chhole Bhature:

If you haven’t tried the famous Chhole Bhature yet, you are missing a dish made in heaven. Chhole Bhature is famous for its undying taste and is also known for its nutrition.

So, if you are looking for a healthy and protein-rich diet, you can opt for Chhole Bhature. As Chhole Bhature is commonly found everywhere in India, you can find a huge variety.

3.     Chicken Makhni:

As the name indicates, Chicken Makhni is a dish that contains chicken cooked in butter. So, it is most often called butter paneer too. This is the most famous Indian cuisine loved by people from all over the world.

It is an extremely flavorful dish with creamy red gravy and appears unique in taste, aroma, and appearance. As it is cooked in butter, you can find it a mildly spicy dish. You can add spices to this dish according to your taste and can thus enjoy a healthy and nutritious dish.

4.     Samosas:

Among the top Indian dishes, Samosas are always on the top. Samosas are not only famous as Indian food, but people also love eating them as afternoon snacks in different regions of the world.

So, if you are looking for an easy takeaway snack, samosas are here to help you meet your requirements as well as cravings. Samosas are fried conicals stuffed with vegetables, potatoes, and chicken.

You can eat Samosas with different sauces and can thus enjoy a healthy and tasteful snack.

5.     Daal Makhni:

Like Chicken Makhni, Daal Makhni is also cooked in butter to add more to the taste of lentils. Daal Makhni serves as the best alternate solution for vegetarians who do not eat Chicken Makhni.

Cooking lentils in butter helps one make this simple dish heavenly in taste. You can also add cream to Daal Makhni to make it look and taste like a royal dish. You can find Daal Makhni to be wholesome in taste and flavor.

So, if you haven’t tried Daal Makhni yet, you need to go for it. This will help you have a dish for your perfect weekend dinner.

6.     Aaloo Matar:

Indian population mostly constitutes of vegetarians. Thus, you can find more vegetable lovers in India. Among the healthiest Indian dishes, you can find Aaloo Matar at the top of the list.

So, if you want to enjoy this perfect combination of vegetables, you need to cook Aaloo Matar.

7.     Aloo Gobhi:

As Indians love eating veggies, you can find a lot of healthy and nutritious vegetables to be a part of famous Indian dishes. Among these veggies, aloo gobhi is also of great importance. Indians prefer to eat vegetables with bread. Thus, this helps them maintain fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

8.     Fried Fish:

Fried fish can be considered to be a staple food for Indians. Have you ever tried famous Indian fried fish? If not, you need to go for it to enjoy the perfect taste and blend of spices and aroma. Fish is not only delicious but also appears to be rich in proteins.

That’s why you can find Indians consuming fish with bread as well as rice to have different health benefits. 


These famous Indian dishes will help you cook and enjoy India’s leading recipes by considering health and nutrition. So, if you want to make cooking easy for you, you can follow these recipes and get the best food to eat.

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